Reine Paradis


Born in 1989 and graduated from the Gobelins School of Visual Communication in Paris, Reine Paradis is among the primitives of the future of art. The artist flew off to Los Angeles in 2012 .  Her photos open a new avenue in contemporary creation, and offer a spectacular, exhilarating headway in their purpose and in the art of today: the artist sows some confusion and a joy most welcome in the present leaden world

For each scene the process is the same: First she imagines a scene, then she creates a maquette that she uses as a reference throughout the whole process, she design the props, costumes and origamis and finally she shoots the scene in a real location.The fact that she stages herself in her work adds a performance dimension to it which is essential. It is a necessity for her to “live” the scene in order to transmit the original vision completely. She strongly believes photography is the only way for her to create a world that exist in between reality and imagination .






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