George Tatge


“Presences ‐ Italian Landscapes” is the title of a series of works from George Tatge, one of the most esteemed Italian photographers of his generation.
For George Tatge the creative process, from exposing the image to retouching of the finalprint, requires deep introspection, painstaking technique and great dedication. Tatge’s photographs are made with a Deardorff, the legendary view camera which produces largeformat 13 X 18cm. negatives. Tatge revisits the historical dimension of photography in order to confront the aesthetic concerns of the contemporary world. His favorite subject: the landscape. But not just any landscape… One that often drifts towards allegory and
mental vision. Landscapes that certainly fall in direct continuity from a long tradition of Constable and romantic views of American painters from the”Hudson River” school to néoromantiques, and to conceptual Land Art.
The film:

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