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“Narcissus” is a very personal work by Stuart Franklin. Bewitched by the region of More and Romsdal on the western coast of Norway, Franklin’s work examines the way in which we search for our image or identity in nature. In order to be able to photograph the area more intensively, he bought a cabin in the municipality of Midsund, but his project proved to be more difficult than he had imagined. Despite the fact that he has photographed landscapes the world over, the contrasting light and weather conditions were a real challenge. Neil Smith (1984) wrote that “nature without society has no meaning.” In this sense, the work is about the way nature – the landscape- can become mediated through photography to settle as an echo of our selves: our thoughts, our emotions, our hopes, and our fears.

Stuart Franklin was born in Great Britain in 1956. In addition to being a photographer, Stuart Franklin had also trained as a geographer. Consequently, he is an ardent environmentalist. However, he began his career as a press photographer for the Sunday Times and Sunday Telegraph Magazine in London. He is one of the photographer of the famous picture of the young man facing the tanks in Tiananmen Square, has published 7 books and is a Member of the agency Magnum Photos.

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