Philippe Chancel


Philippe Chancel  born in 1959 France is an economics graduate, journalist by training, his photographic work includes a data analysis phase validated by an on-site investigation. The world is his field of action, his destinations are selected, specific and local in a global world. His photographic approach questions the present, preserves frames of reality, cuts-out a concerned vision of the areas visited.

Since 2005, Datazone draws a constellation from 14 geographic locations: Pyongyang, North Korea (2005-2013) / Port au Prince, Haiti (2011) / Dubai, United Arab Emirates (2007-2011) / Tohoku Fukushima Daichi, along the Pacific coast of Japan (2011) / Kabul, Afghanistan (2012) / Marikana, South Africa (2012) / Astana Kazakhstan (2013) / Ogoniland, Niger Delta (2013), / Jericho, Jordan Valley, West Bank, Israel (2014) / Dharavi, Mumbai, India (2015) / Flint, Michigan, USA (2015) / Idomeni, Greece border Macedonia (2016)/ The Antarctic (2017);  Northern and Southern districts of Marseille in France (coming)


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